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The 5th China Cup Flower Design Contest and 2018 Guangzhou International Flower Art Exhibition, organized by the China Flower Association, co-organized by the Bureau of Forestry and Landscaping of Guangzhou Municipality and the Retail Trade Committee of China Flower Association, is to be held in Haixinsha, Guangzhou, from November 27 to December 4, 2018. The event, with the theme of “New Era with Blooming Flowers", will host the Flower Design Contest of the highest level in the country. Renowned floral designers, floriculture enthusiasts, young people and the general public will be invited to participate in the event to build up a high-end art and cultural exchange platform that is professional, ornamental and interactive.

第五届中国杯插花花艺大赛暨2018广州国际花卉艺术展由中国花卉协会主办,广州市林业和园林局、中国花卉协会零售业分会承办,将于2018年11月27日至12月4日在广州海心沙举行。本次活动以 “花开新时代”为主题,将举办全国最高级别的插花花艺赛事,并邀请国内外知名花艺设计师、花艺爱好者、青少年以及广大市民参与,搭建集专业性、观赏性及互动性为一体的高端艺术文化交流平台。

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